Saturday, May 29, 2010

Into the swirl of things

Swirls are such fun I love the anticipation as slicing into a log wondering what it will look like

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lots of Soap and Candles to come :-)

It has been a busy time here as I am preparing to stock my soaps and candles in a great shop here in Brisbane that is a franchise from Melbourne. Great concept...........All Aussie Handcrafts and no commission taken on sales............Just a weekly rent and I am contracted to three months rent. Am I excited.... HECK YEAH LOL it makes me feel like I may possibly make one of my first goals. That goal is to be able to give up one nursing shift a week to craft. I also have a fab Etsy photographer going to take some pics of my soaps and candles for me so slowly I will revamp my Etsy store as well. I am not a great photographer and have decided to give that headache away.
So new pics coming in the next few weeks :-) until then it is my pics. I have done a few new soaps and the one I am going to share today is fragranced with a dupe of Lushes Karma...........I am yet to rename the soap.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My leave is over :-( boy did it go by fast. I achieved some exciting things while on holiday.........the biggest I think was the decision to approach a cool new store here in brisbane called in.cube8r the concept is you rent commission just a weekly rental!!!!. My Soaps and Candles will be going into the store in June and I am really excited about this next step :-)
Check the website out I think it is a great idea and is now being franchised from the original Melbourne store

I had intended on making loads of soap and candles while on holiday but found I really needed to just chill out and recharge as it had been a year since I had taken a break and that was to move house!!!!!!.
So I have a few new pics but not the zillions I had intended on having :-)
This was a soap inspired by my daughter who is a big fairy and pink fan...........So along came this soap for little Abbey :-)
I am needing to go get ready for work so will post a few more tomorrow.