Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Been to Market :0)

Been a while since I posted on my blog, things are getting busy, jugling motherhood, nightshift and a passion for soaping can be quite tricky at times :0).

I had a stall on the lovely Goldcoast of Australia last week and had a ball, It was interesting because I took a few pics of my table and after downloading them realised that I really need to take a look at how I am presenting my wares as it wasn't eyecatching at all. For starters I amgoing to have a look into a printed cloth for my table and my goal or hope for next year is to give up the stress of homemade labels and have some done for me :0). So with that said here are a few pics of my setup.............needs lots of work but hey my next Market post will be about change and improvements :0). Thought I would also post my fav soap at the moment....................Hemp oil soap with Lime EO Mmmmmmmmmmm I am liking this one very much I use it before going off to work as really do feel that the Lime makes me feel invigorated.