Saturday, January 31, 2015

Getting ready to stock my Etsy store

Spiced Mahogany

Four New Soaps all in preparation of the listing in my Etsy store. I am really looking forward to getting my store filled with lots of delish fragranced soap and will start my listings hopefully thursday of this week. Off now to buy tissue paper and ribbon and then later today I will be making my own thank-you cards to send with purchases.

Alo' Ani 

Rainbow Sherbet

Lemon Verbena and Poppy Seed

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Got the Soaping Bug :)

Thought I would share some more soap, really enjoying my soaping at the moment and have a stack of new oils on the way to me so more soapy pics to come :)

Cold Waters a Bramble berry scent and a personal favourite

Sultana Dreams a dupe of the well known L**H fragrance 

Bay Rum from Natures Garden

Blackberry Sage from Bramble Berry (Yum Yum)

Sandalwood Rose from Oregon Trail

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I have soaped

I started soaping again before Christmas and have really enjoyed my soaping time. I am posting pics here today of recent soaps and hope that you enjoy them. Hoping to restock my Etsy store in three weeks and get the wheel of sales moving again :)

Rosewood & Musk

Kiss n Tell

Rockin the Stars

Aromatics type

Indian Paintbrush

Tasmanian Lavender

Ed Hardy Dupe Woman

Thanks for calling in :)