Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I have soaped

I started soaping again before Christmas and have really enjoyed my soaping time. I am posting pics here today of recent soaps and hope that you enjoy them. Hoping to restock my Etsy store in three weeks and get the wheel of sales moving again :)

Rosewood & Musk

Kiss n Tell

Rockin the Stars

Aromatics type

Indian Paintbrush

Tasmanian Lavender

Ed Hardy Dupe Woman

Thanks for calling in :)


  1. Oh wow! This makes me want to try making soap!

    1. So funny Joyce as a few cardmakers have said the same. It is the crafting thing and such a delight to play with fragrance

  2. Gorgeous soaps! It's nice to see you making lots of it again!

    1. Hey Holly thanks so much :) I have really enjoyed it and I think it is because I am just making what I want when I want.............having work and family outside of soaping it got too stressful last time and I really gave up for quite some time. Now it is just as and when without markets just online and selling locally.

  3. OMG! are these really soap bars? I cannot really imagine such a beautiful and colourful soap bars that look more like candies that I want to eat them.