Thursday, January 26, 2012

Third time lucky :0)

Okay big confession.............I am as much a soap stamp junkie as I am a fragrance or soaping junkie :0) I have just had my third Lynnz stamp made and I think this is the one I will use. Was delighted with how this turned out................Funny how it has been around in my fb graphics and buisness cards for well over a year now and I only just recently looked at it and thought Yes............I would love to see this translated into a stamp :0)

Otherwise not a lot going on here except rain rain and more rain. I did soap a little while back and for the first time in a very long time used a mold instead of my logs and loved the result so will post a few pics. Soap is fragranced with Oregan Trails  Bamboo and Green Tea, such a lovely fresh scent and it soaped beautifully setting back trace somewhat which is always a bonus!!!!!!

My new soap stamp :0)