Thursday, January 26, 2012

Third time lucky :0)

Okay big confession.............I am as much a soap stamp junkie as I am a fragrance or soaping junkie :0) I have just had my third Lynnz stamp made and I think this is the one I will use. Was delighted with how this turned out................Funny how it has been around in my fb graphics and buisness cards for well over a year now and I only just recently looked at it and thought Yes............I would love to see this translated into a stamp :0)

Otherwise not a lot going on here except rain rain and more rain. I did soap a little while back and for the first time in a very long time used a mold instead of my logs and loved the result so will post a few pics. Soap is fragranced with Oregan Trails  Bamboo and Green Tea, such a lovely fresh scent and it soaped beautifully setting back trace somewhat which is always a bonus!!!!!!

My new soap stamp :0)


  1. Love love love the colours, the stamp, the soap... you! x

  2. Oh Celine thank-you.....your beautiful comment has made my morning shine where it is raining.
    Thank-you Sergio and Miss Polly......No more Lynnz stamps after this I promise LOL

  3. Lovely, I especially like the green one.


  4. Gorgeous colours and textures Lyn ~ so beautiful <3

  5. Great new stamp Lyn! I love the pink soap too, and WOW what a bright green you got there lol!

  6. First of all, I'm new to your blog, and your soaps are lovely. Secondly, I haven't seen your previous soap stamps, but I can truly say that I love this one! Thirdly... are you THE Lyn? Of Lyn tops??

  7. Hi Andi thanks so much for dropping by I am glad you are enjoying the soapy pics :0) Wish I could be a little more creative in the way I write but just not so :0). LOL to Lyns tops I guess you visit the soapmaking forum :0) I have had a few discussions there about sculpting the tops of soaps yes and did a short video on the way in which I like to sculpt them too :0). Do you have a blog? if so I would love a link so that I may follow your blog too............Happy Soaping.......Lyn

    1. I'm a relatively new blogger, but my blog is

      I always get so excited corresponding with 'soap celebrities'!

  8. Hey Tasha how are you :0) Yes the green is cool I love how bright it is need to make a full green soap and call it Kermit I think :0) A soaping company here in Australia has a setof four colours called brites and they are wonderful colourants to work with.

  9. The new soap stamp is ADORABLE =)