Monday, May 17, 2010

My leave is over :-( boy did it go by fast. I achieved some exciting things while on holiday.........the biggest I think was the decision to approach a cool new store here in brisbane called in.cube8r the concept is you rent commission just a weekly rental!!!!. My Soaps and Candles will be going into the store in June and I am really excited about this next step :-)
Check the website out I think it is a great idea and is now being franchised from the original Melbourne store

I had intended on making loads of soap and candles while on holiday but found I really needed to just chill out and recharge as it had been a year since I had taken a break and that was to move house!!!!!!.
So I have a few new pics but not the zillions I had intended on having :-)
This was a soap inspired by my daughter who is a big fairy and pink fan...........So along came this soap for little Abbey :-)
I am needing to go get ready for work so will post a few more tomorrow.


  1. Oh that soap is so pretty! I'm in love with glitter and pink too. Good luck on your new endeavor!

  2. Lyn, that is just the most lovely soap! I can see why Holly loves So delicate and pretty and the flower stamps are gorgeous.

    Do you just leave your product at in.cube8r? Someone there does the selling? That would be an amazing opportunity! Congrats :)

  3. Thank-you Holly and Topcat for your lovely comments.....This is the second batch of this soap LOL its pretty popular in our household.
    Topcat Incube8r is a great concept. It is owner managed which I like as they have a vested interest in customer service :-)
    You are resposible for display and restocking.The owner does all the opening hours and you can check your sales and inventory by computer :-). I really hope it goes off with a bang, the Melbourne store appears to be doing really well and the brisbane store is a franchise. Here is to hoping more franchises open through out Australia :-)

  4. Best of luck with sales - and wow that sure is beautiful!