Saturday, October 1, 2011

Christmas is just around the corner :0)

With Christmas just around the corner now I guess everyone is busy getting soap ready. This will be my busiest year to date with the addition of a fundraiser for a Mission here in Brisbane that I am hoping goes well as elderly folk will be the beneficiaries of all money raised. I have just had another round of photos taken in the hope of fulfilling one of my goals in the new year.......that being a website :0) Thought I would share some of the amazing photos my photographer took I was so delighted with how he captured my creations :0)


  1. Very, very nice candles! And soap is amazing!

  2. your pieces are absolutely beautiful and the photos capture them well.
    all my best with the fundraiser and I can't wait to see your website!

  3. Everything looks amazing. I love the colours of your candles and the jars. The soaps are so lovely. Photos are stunning.


  4. I love how the soaps curve up on the top, it makes them look very substantial and chunky.

  5. I can't wait till you get a site! I want to see your stock of delicious soaps and maybe pick up a couple :)!!

  6. I love the colors of all your soaps and candles but those pink and cream soaps are my favorite to look at! Everything looks so pretty!

  7. I really do love the look of your soap, Lynn, so yummy in an edible way. The one in photo No6 reminds me of Beguiles Candy Cane bar, which I adored. Can you tell us, how this one is scented?

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  9. Ooops made the prior post and then read it, after posting of course :0) and it was full of spelling mistakes!!!! I have just got up after my fourth nightshift and I am lacking in the sleep department.
    I shall try again :0)
    Lori that Pink colourant is awesome as it leads itself to the prettiest pale pink right through to the real fluro pink in this soap.
    Cocobong your so right I loved your review of Kathy's soaps and it was her that shared the coathanger technique with me a few years back :0). This particular soap is fragranced with Pink Frangapani and smells so good, it was a fast mover but has been so well recieved that I may have to dare to soap it again :0). Here is a description of this beautiful fragrance........this captivating fragrance is a smooth, sweet blend, of pink grapefruit and pineapple fruity top notes, balanced with
    a heliotrope and coconut milk base.