Thursday, March 29, 2012

Over the last three months I have invested a lot of thought into my passion for soaping and the need to find some balance in all of this as Motherhood, Familylife and the necessary Work Commitments all call upon my time as well. I do know that this is what makes me smile and invades my thoughts a lot of the time........................they say one should do what makes them happy in life and I think soaping is what brings that extra ray of sunshine into my day.
                                                                       Angel type
                                                               Tasmanian Lavender
I have felt a need to make some changes to the way I soap for several reasons and also a need to brand my style more.............................Here is a little of the new 'Lynnz' look that I plan to bring to my new website still in the making!!!!


  1. Feeling in the same boat.
    I love your look. Lovely miss Lynn!

  2. Sweet girl! You are not alone in this feeling of balance. Your soaps bring sunshine to many because it makes your creative soul sing. I love the new Lynnz look and the photos really showcase your beautiful soaps. Wishing you much balance and more sunshine for your happy soul.

  3. Gorgeous new soaps, we too have changed a lot of our branding with our labels etc.


  4. I like your new look! It's simple and elegant!

  5. Life is all about balance ... our yin and yang. Soaping for me is about allowing my head to go to a place that is safe and exciting. My children are adults and live in a different state and my closest friends still live in New Zealand. Soaping is a place where I don't grieve for my wonderful Merv. I know he's happy I've found soaping and some of my yin and yang is back!

    Lyn your new look is amazing! I wish you every success with your new look and I can't wait to see your new website.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration to other homemade soapers like me!

    Kia Kaha!

  6. I love your new soapies and your lovely new photos ~ very calming to look at :)

  7. Joanna may we find a balance that feels good, I wnat to thank-you for your awesome blog as for a very long time it has been one of my very favourite soapy places to go
    Stacy what can I say...........Big sunshiny hugs your way.......My fav Artist
    Michelle I was looking at your Etsy store yesterday and I love your labelling
    Emily.........Hugs and enjoy your break wish I was coming with you
    Kia Kaha Dragon, I am glad that your soaping helps as I cannot imagine how hard your loss is. I do know that we never forget and I am sure Merv is loving all that you have discovered in your soaping. I delighted in our recent swap and feel inspired by your beautiful use of Eo's this is what I love about soaping as we all have something to bring to the table. You know your always welcome to visit Brisbane we can Soap and drink L&P together (but I am more a coffee girl :0) )
    Topcat thanks and hugs lovely

  8. Everyone needs to be able to find that something that they enjoy so much! So glad you are figure out how to balance all of those wonderful things in your life! And I love the new look to your soaps!

  9. Really nice look of the soap...Your soaps are so perfect !

  10. Lyn these new soaps are so Beautiful! Love them :)) I too feel that way about finding room for everybody and everything. Take Care Lyn ~Sacha

  11. You did a wonderful job, I wish I could do half of what you have done. Thank you for sharing your work with us