Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Proud Mum

I have been so proud of my son Lucas he has achieved his junior blackbelt at the age of 11yrs and is now working towards his orange adults belt. What blows me away with this kid is his passion to share what he knows with others and is currently assisting and teaching two nights a week. He spends lots of time encouraging the new whitebelt students telling them of his experiences and what he has gained by perseverence. Love this kid to bits :-) I just hope his passion for sharing and encouragement follows him into adulthood.


  1. Congrats to Lucas!!! Awesome that he is so dedicated to the sport and has achieved the rank of Black Belt at 11, WOW. Especially nice that he spends the time to work with fellow students! My hats off to you Lucas for the Super Achievement and keep up the great work!! Wonderful post Mum as the apple don't fall far from the tree?

  2. OH NeverTooOld thank-you for such beautiful words :-)