Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oils are Melting

Well I have oil melting as I speak and lye cooling and I just really don't know what to soap :-) I have a few new fragrances to check out but it seems I am not inspired with an idea of how I want it to look yet LOL
Easter break is here............I am working so no holidays for me. Lucas my son has just gone over to a friends to play and is having is friend back tomorrow night for a sleepover. His is the most social calender in the house, not expecting visitors fingers crossed cause Im still in my PJ's :-).
I will leave you with this photo of my latest listing on etsy..............Woohoo 4 followers this morning........Thanks my fellow Etsy Artists I love how people are so supportive in th is community


This is my tribute to Summer Gone it is fragranced with White Peach and smells just like a fresh juicy peach


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Hope your soaps smell as nice as they look!
    I am looking forward to browsing your shop for wedding gifts .

  2. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog, that is so pretty the flower just completes it. Cheers Sharon

  3. Hey thanks for your lovely comments......Sharon thank-you for visiting my blog I am always amazed at your beautiful creations and think you should take me on for work experience LOL