Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lost two photos :-)

The other day when posting about swirls I had uploaded three photos but only one appeared on the posting so here I am giving it another go :-)
Did it :0) Two men fragrances here first is Green Tweed from Elements very yummy and the second is Southern Gardens Burberry for Men and it sticks forever. I have soap made with this fragrance from Nine months ago and it is as strong and fragrant as the day it was cut :-) . Off now to do a Pop mica swirl with a new fragrance I have which is a dupe of Vera Wangs Pink :-). I soaped a dupe of her princess a few weeks back and it really is beautiful. Oh how I love fragrance..............Staff at work tell me that they always know when I am working as they can smell the soaps as they walk past the office door :-) At least I am smelly in a nice way LOL


  1. nicht nur diese Seife sieht großartig aus, nein, alle Creationen sind phantastisch schön!!! Ich liebe diese Arbeiten!

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  2. Lynn, he estado viendo tus jabones, y te felicito, me han encantado. Preciosos jabones, magnífico trabajo... a cual mejor

    Lynn, I've been watching your soaps, and I congratulate you, I loved. Precious soaps, great job ... to which best.

    Sabons Carmeta

  3. Carmen thanks so much for your beautiful words to create soap joys my heart and if others can enjoy then I feel like I have achieved something