Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Melts are such fun!!!!

I have been making candles for about 14yrs now and have never before dabbled with Melts for the oil burner..............until just recently that is and what fun they are :0) I am hooked. Off to make more......


  1. They look amazing - sooo cute! How do you get them so shiny? Mine come out looking frosted....

  2. Hey Topcat :0) Frosting is a natural thing with Soy, your pour temp and how quickly your melts cool also has an affect. I have used the Soymelt wax from Aussiecandlesupplies for these ones and also have some Ecosoy pillar wax to try as well.
    I did like the wax from Aussiecandlesupplies and if these do well I will probably reorder from them :-)