Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well as the world is aware Queensland has experienced the most devastating flooding in its history. I am one of the fortunate ones who can say my family and home are okay. I did get flooded in at work for 2 days and that was a little scary. For those that don't know I work in aged care and was doing a nightduty shift aware that I may not be able to leave I packed a bag and so glad I did. Nightshift by torch is not easy :0). I want to say that the SES (Emergency Services Teams) were amazing and the whole time we were flooded in they kept a close eye on us and would row almost up to the building and chat and let us know how it was all looking out on the new lake we had aquired at the back of us. Bless the elderly who remained calm and assisted where ever and however they were able. I was in awe of the concern they expressed not for themselves and how they would cope should we have to evacuate them but for the families out there that had lost precious family members and homes.
What a great community we have.............people helping strangers and giving whatever they can to help those that have very little left.
I am delighted to know that toiletries are need.................Including soap!!!!!!  I am now a woman with a mission :0)
So many of my soapy friends noticed my lack of online time and asked after me.............Thank-you I was so touched by all your messages and emails I am fine, and dry. My heart aches for those that have suffered the losses.
Today I want to share a soap that I made in memory of my Father who was a big fan of Old Spice, this is Bay Rum but it does remind me somewhat of Old Spice.............For my Dad who left me with many pleasant memories.


  1. oh very nice
    i love it
    greetings goldie

  2. Aw good to hear that you are dry and safe! Of course we follow the news over here and despite our own 'small' floods that are going on presently, our hearts go out to Queensland, its people and their safety!
    Your soap looks dreamy and forceful at the same time. My dad also was an Old Spice man, I loved to smell that stuff on his clean shaven face :) and so recently I made a shaving puck w/Bay Rum scent. Here's to our Dads!

  3. Lyn, the soap is amazing(as yours usually are), very visually strong.....I can almost smell it.

    Regards the floods, I'm glad you're safe, but have much sympathy for those directly affected. Here's hoping no more lives are lost, and that the flood waters recede very soon.


  4. Gorgeous soap Lyn, and I am so glad you have been spared the personal trauma so many are currently going through in Qld. Can you give me more information on providing soap? Thanks!

  5. TopCat I would be delighted to give you the info. I am involved with a group called Mollys closet on fb (have you seen it???) Hayley is an amazing woman who set this page up along with 1 Puddle Lane and Hayley and Michigans Flowers who is also a member have been organising care packs of all tyoes. They arranged trucks even to get this stuff to the affected areas!!!!! What I especially love is that they are not in this for the short term there are plans to continue sending out goods in weeks to come.....So often there is help in the first instant and then it becomes less accessible. Let me know if you would like the address to send directly to Hayley I am going to courier out a box on wednesday. The smell here is just beyond description, and I imagine a nice smell will well be appreciated :0)
    If you want to read more on the efforts of these two incredible woman just search Little Miss Fascinated or Michigan Flowers on FB :0)

  6. Thank you Lyn - looking into it now :)

  7. Sorry for not dropping by sooner Lyn. I'm glad to know you are safe. It's been all over the news many things going on in all countries right now. Kracatau has erupted, as has Etna. Britain copped snow so bad - it hadn't been that bad in 20 years. Planet fighting back?
    Anyway, I love the soap too...and I secretly love the scent of Old Spice (my dad always wore it too, though now he's more of a Paco Rabanne type!).