Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time to have a Play

The Christmas break has been lovely and I have had some time to just 'play' which has been lots of fun.......One thing I have wanted to try is making soap with balls in it after I was inspired by a video by the hugely talented Tiggy from Future Primative.


  1. Such fun soap and I love the polka dots once you slice into the bar. Good things always come out being inspired and having a chance to play! I wish you many more!

  2. Lyn I love your soaps.
    Each one is like a drop of sensibility.
    Greetings. Sergio

  3. Beautiful soaps as always! I love the Kumquat one, it reminds me of a lovely lemon meringue pie :)

  4. Hello Lynz
    I already missed your beautiful soap pictures!
    Also this is like always a Schmuckstück, much, very beautifully in the color and the eddies is mad.

    Greetings from

  5. Fantastic, since always. I am charmed with the forms and this purple color uhmmmmm.

  6. Thanks Stacey, Sergio, Lilli, Dorte, Monica and Goldie your beautiful comments warm my heart :0)

  7. Lyn tus jabones son exquisitos, ojalá algún día pueda hacerlos igual....Felicidades..

  8. Hi Lyn,

    Can you tell me how you made this beautiful soap. Did you use cp or hp method and how did you manage to suspend the coloured balls into the soap?

    Hope things are getting back to some normality after such a terrible time.......... Julie