Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A couple more Soapy pics

Just having a play with the new blogger app that allows me to post from my phone. Love that as I have quite a few more recent soap pics on my phone and not on my computer.......So let's find a few to share. This one was a soap fragrances with Natures garden Sour Watermelon one of my very favourite fragrances. Okay let's push post


  1. Wow, can you share which app is it? I thought it is candle but as you said it’s a soap. Is it home made? Keep posting such posts with us

  2. It looks good, can you share how you made it? Would love to hear from you on this, thank you for sharing the post and keep posting

  3. It is looking nice. Would you please share which app is this and is the soap recipe available on it? Thanks for sharing the info and keep posting.