Monday, January 20, 2014

Hi from Lyn

I have only just realised just how long it has been since I made a post on my blog. I have a card making blog and have to admit I am hooked big time on making cards, I find it so relaxing.
I am no longer making soap in the quantities that I once did but could never ever stop making soap all together so as I make my personal stashes I will post to my blog as I am always so amazed that so long after posting (September 2012) I still get regular visitor's. So here are a few soaps that I have made and can I throw a card in for good measure LOL. I do have a blog for my card making and if you want to visit I would love that here is the link

Okay here are a few past soaps and I will blog a few more later in the week :)

I think this has to be one of my very favourite colour combos :) This is fragranced with Natures Gardens Rainbow Sherbet such a lovely fragrance and holds up really well. This is an older soap that I made early last year but thought it would be nice to be active on my blog again and will post a few older soaps until I get something new to put up. I have really enjoyed my card blog so thought I should breathe some life into my soapy blog as I am still shocked that people do visit <3 p="">


  1. Your color combo is GORGEOUS! Very pretty bars :0)

  2. I stop by every so often in hopes you start to sell your soap again, I always wanted to try your soap. They look so amazing and I've heard they are out of this world :)

  3. Hi! I'm a soaper from South Korea. These are one of the most beautiful soaps I've ever seen! Can I ask what colorant you used?

  4. Hi Sehoon thanks for stopping by :) and for your lovely comment. MOst of my colours are mica's and I will give you a link to a great source of many colors. I cannot remember the actual colour of these micas but you can make your colors more pastel type by adding titanium dioxide. Check out